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Composition Portfolio

A selection of works for Film, TV, Animation and video Games by Cam Bird

Orchestration, Scores and Compositions

Orchestration, Scores and Compositions

I'm a pretty simple guy when it comes to the things I enjoy. I love films and am a massive movie buff, I'm also the same with video games.


It took me a long time to realise that the reason why I love these mediums of art so much is because Music is such a huge part of them. I mean, imagine Star Wars without John Williams?!

Its been a childhood dream of mine, all the way through my career as a rock/metal artist to be able to score to film, tv, games and animation so I'm tremendously proud to present a small sample of my work. 

I always looked up to modern composers like Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, Thomas Newman, Junkie XL, John Williams and more.

I've tried to include a very diverse array of music below and I sincerely hope you enjoy these.

For enquiries to have me work on a composition for film, tv, video game or animation piece, contact


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