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Cam Bird is a Guitar Instructor, Published Author and Recording Artist from Melbourne, Australia.


Inspired by rock, metal, grunge, blues and many more genres and styles in his youth, Cam has built a reputation as being one of Melbourne's most passionate leaders in music and music education, an accomplished technical guitar player and dedicated, committed and results driven guitar instructor and teacher.

Cam is a strong believer in real world, hands on, practical music industry experience. With success in forming multiple bands, touring nationally and internationally, being endorsed by brands like PRS Guitars and Ernie Ball, and Guitar Paradise and working professionally with many other brands like Kemper, Morley, Two Notes, Boss Katana. Cam went solo as a recording artist in 2016 and self stepped into self producing his debut album Beyond in 2018. Cam believes firmly in the power of music to radically transform our lives for the better and works hard to inspire others to achieve their goals.


A qualified Mechanical Engineer, Cam initially tried to ignore his talents and gifts with music and was encouraged by his school teachers and peers in his youth to follow a more traditional and safe path but music was so intwined in the fabric of his soul that this caused tremendous pain and confusion in his early career but led Cam on a journey of personal growth, spirituality, entrepreneurialism to find his true path as a Guitar Instructor, Artist, Author and leader in the music space.


Fascinated with people, Cam continued his studies to earn a Masters in NLP alongside studying with several prominent guitar virtuosos and talents across the globe. Inspired by contemporary rock and metal bands like Metallica, Pantera, Alice in Chains, Guns N Roses, AC/DC and more extreme niche artists and bands, Cam wanted to bring the groove, aggression, intensity and story telling of these artists of yesteryear into the modern era of music as a recording artist with his debut album Beyond in 2018 and injects his broad, eclectic and sometimes extreme taste and experience into his work as an instructor and teacher.


After the successful launch of Beyond, the 2020 pandemic forced Cam to focus his efforts on helping others achieve their own success in music and creative business after the shutting down of the live music industry and Cam losing his “day job” in the personal development field. This led Cam to build out a thriving and successful guitar teaching, coaching and instruction business with over 22 5 star reviews and a long list of highly satisfied, committed and happy clients with an amazing connection and relationship to the guitar and music. 


Seeing his work ethic and DIY attitude inspire others around him, Cam fine tuned his efforts in coaching, teaching and psychology, releasing a book designed to help other creatives to reach their highest potential in 2021 titled Finding Your Flow: The Art of Building a Kick Ass Life Through Creativity, Intuition and Inspiration available on Amazon.


Cam said:


“It’s the messages I receive from people about how my music, teaching or book is impacting them. I may not be the best vocalist, guitarists, writer in the world but I try and write and teach from a very deep place in my soul. That connects with people and lights a fire of joy, love and passion in their souls. It’s all I ever wanted to do - was connect deeply and emotionally with people through the power of music. If I can change one person’s life in the same way music changed mine, I’d experience a tremendous sense of legacy knowing that I carried the flame forward, I’m lucky enough to be able to do that daily now.”


Cam is passionate about the power of music itself and sees it as a medium to reach your true potential, not just a source of entertainment. Cam is passionate about actualising your goals and dreams with music and truly believes that with hard work, dedication, discipline, respect and commitment, you can achieve anything.


Whats next for Cam? Cam is working hard helping his students reach their goals on the guitar, building his portfolio as a composer and producer and constantly working away at his craft as a guitarist and artist and uncovering more of the magic that music and the guitar has to offer all of us. 


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