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Cam Bird is a metal/rock Recording Artist and Guitar Teacher from Melbourne, Australia.

Inspired by grunge masters, hard rock and metal like Metallica, Pantera, Alice in Chains and heaps more. Cam wanted to bring the groove, aggression, intensity and story telling of these artists of yesteryear into the modern era of heavy music and fuse now classic rock and metal elements in with a dynamic and modern heavy sound with prog elements.


At that moment of hearing Hetfield’s lyrics on “The Unnamed Feeling”, Australian recording artist, Cam Bird, had a life changing moment where he realised the power of music to connect, heal and empower people, and is now on a mission to use the power of music to change the lives of others and pay it forward.


After a series of experiences with bands, Cam found himself touring Japan with a death metal group, not realising that his destiny lay as a solo artist. A feverish writer and composer and lover of heavy guitar driven music and shred, Cam took the plunge to jump on the mic in 2016 to start to find his voice over the course of 3 EPs, even self admittedly, shakily at times.


For three years, Cam has been working towards this moment, through lineup changes, experimentation in his sound, tone and style Cam Bird now has an album recorded that is by far his most intense fusion of rock and metal with prog elements hat has horn raising intensity and aggression on the vocals inspired by dynamic heavy vocalists such as Phil Anselmo, Jesse Leach, Layne Staley, Howard Jones, James Hetfield,  Mikael Akerfeldt, combined with ear splitting shred and wild guitar technique of the guitarists such as Dimebag Darrell, Alexi Laiho, Zakk Wylde  and Eddie Van Halen, and chunky head banging guitar riffs inspired by riff masters like Dime, James Hetfield, Mark Tremonti and more. His passion-heavy music has been likened to everyone from Nirvana, Alice in Chains, to Pantera, to Nevermore to Metallica to Tool.


“I’ve been through lots of bands and written hundreds of songs over my career but going solo just felt right. There was a deep calling inside that I had to do this and I’ve been through a lot in getting my sound and style to this point. I’ve had multiple lineup changes but the right people came in for this latest recordand it just naturally flowed together. This is by far the best foot I’ve ever put forward both in a record and in a live band and I’m excited for what’s to come” Cam said.


The next step of his journey will involve getting back out in the Australian prog, rock and metal scenes and stirring up a frenzy before continuing to work on his international profile as a musician but the thing he loves the most is the ability music has to connect and help others.


Cam said:


“It’s the messages I receive from people about how my music is impacting them. I may not be the best vocalist or guitarists in the world but I try and write from a very deep place in my soul. That connects with people and I haven't met a lot of these people yet, but I already feel hugely connected to them. It’s all I ever wanted to do - was connect deeply and emotionally with people through the power of music. If I can change one person’s life in the same way music changed mine, I’d experience a tremendous sense of legacy knowing that I carried the flame forward.”

Having successfully released his debut album Beyond in 2019, Cam has spring boarded himself to become one of Melbourne's most in demand rock/metal Artists and Guitar Instructors. With the near collapse of the live music scene due to COVID in March 19, Cam quickly turned his sites to teaching students online from all over the world.

Cam also took this change to realise a childhood dream of working as a composer for film, tv and video games.

Cam is passionate about music itself and sees it as a medium to reach your true potential, not just a source of entertainment. Cam is passionate about actualise your goals and dreams with music, whether that be to play it, or to have it as part of your life or latest project (film, tv, animation or video game production).

Whats next for Cam? Cam is working hard helping his students reach their goals on the guitar, building his portfolio as a composer and producer and constantly working away at his craft as a guitarist and artist. 


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