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What Inspired a "Mum-preneur" of 4 to start a Performing Arts Academy

Natasha is a mumpreneur of 4, and ouma of 2 and is committed to bridging communities through music education. MPA utilises a social enterprise model to provide nurturing, student-centered, life enriching and musically challenging learning experiences for students of all ages, both adults and children. MPA offers lessons at both their purpose-built studios in Pascoe Vale, Coburg North (Merlynston), and Mount Martha

A bit about their social enterprise model: MPA strives to serve the community with the social outcome of common good and betterment of the community. MPA is socially innovative in the way it thinks outside of the box and strives to generate enough income to cover its costs and help those in need.

MPA provides accessible music education for all communities, as well as providing volunteers and trainees access to employment and training. MPA derives all their income from providing services and trade through improved market access. MPA prides themselves on the development of outreach programs and free instrumental hire for disadvantaged communities, as supported by Moreland Council.

MPA delights in having high level, concise, and multi-layered world curriculum incorporating Feierabend, Orff & Kodaly methodologies, along with Volaris, Suzuki, Alfred's, AMEB, Trinity, and ABC instrumental curriculum. The multi-instrumental programs, especially designed by Natasha, are unique and not offered anywhere else in the world

MPA’s community focussed performing arts experiences celebrate diversity, and warmly welcome asylum seekers, single parents and those in need. By instilling students with a life-long love for music, bridging communities through music and engagement with cultural diversity, we enrich the social and intellectual fabric of our local community


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